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For nearly 10 years we guarantee legal security of individual and corporate Clients as well as public institutions in Rzeszow.

Commercial and trade law

As experts in providing services for corporate clients, we assist companies at every stage of their development. Not only do we create, transform and restructure companies, but we also offer advice in terms of choice of optimal legal solutions.

Public Procurement Law

We provide full support to participants of public proceedings. Vast knowledge about procedures and formal requirements connected with the bidding process enables us to provide comprehensive assistance in the preparation and conduct of tenders as well as representation of their participants before the National Board of Appeal.

Intellectual and Commercial Property Rights:

We support originality. Hence we pay great attention to proper protection of innovative ideas of our Clients.

Our offer includes widely understood consultancy connected with the protection of copyrights, patents, trademarks or licenses. At the same time we secure Client's interests in all sorts of transfers of rights as well as their infringements.

Civil law

We have extensive experience in managing cases related to the enforcement of debts on both pre-litigation (request for payment, out-of-court settlements), court and enforcement stages.

Our services include representation of Clients in court and enforcement proceedings. We also conduct cases connected with the payment of compensation and redress for victims and their families.

Family law

We assist our Clients in solving issues related to separation and divorce, including claims for maintenance and division of property. 

In concern of the minors, we act in cases of deprivation or restriction of parental authority, including representation of minor's interests in a due court of protection.

Administrative law

Our Firm offers assistance in preparation of applications and appeals against decisions. We represent Clients in administrative proceedings conducted before due organs of public administration and courts of various levels. 

The scope of our activity focuses in particular on professional consultancy in issues related to protection of personal data.

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